Marina & Pau attends Preshow Noël Jouets & Jeux 2023.

From the 20th to the 24th of November, our sales team in France participated in the 20th edition of Preshow Noël Jouets & Jeux which is celebrated, year after year, in the beautiful town of Deauville, in French Normandy. This annual event is considered, without a doubt, the most important held in our neighboring country. The most important manufacturers and companies in toy sector come to show the trends and novelties for the coming year. In the same way, it is visited by all the retail groups that come with great interest to learn about what will be the best toys of 2024.

Marina & Pau comes again after the good acceptance of previous editions and showed, exclusively, a part of the new 2024 collection that will occupy the windows and shelves of many reputable stores next year after the good and unbeatable expectations received from our customers who already know the quality of the product we offer and the good result they obtain year after year.

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